IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program

Rationale: Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction Treatment provides multidisciplinary treatment to comprehensively address the sub-acute needs of clients with addiction and/or co-occurring disorders while allowing them to maintain participation in the community, continue to work or attend school and be part of family life. IOP is provided over a 2-4 week period with continued length of stay based on medical necessity criteria.

Philosophy: Providing a structured program for addiction treatment in a the community allows clients to maintain sobriety in the context of their existing support system at home and in the community so as not to further disrupt their work and family life. Individuals are entitled to treatment that is humane, protects the individual’s dignity and prepares the individual for ongoing treatment of his/her alcohol or drug dependence, psychiatric, and/or medical condition as indicated.

Referral Process: Potential clients should call the SSTAR intake coordinator. They will be invited to come at 7:30 am the next program day for an intake which takes an hour and a half. Clients are able to begin treatment by 9 am the same day. Any form of Mass Health and most private insurances are accepted. Massachusetts residents with Medicare only or no insurance are accepted as well with a sliding scale fee.

Average length of stay: 4-6 weeks, depending on individual treatment goals and clinical necessity.

Requirements for admission: Clients will have a diagnosis of substance dependence. They will not be experiencing acute withdrawal. They will make a commitment to substantial reduction or elimination of substance use. They will abide by the SSTAR client Rights and Responsibilities policy.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 1:00. IOP doors open at 8:30 am for continental breakfast and socialization. First group begins at 9 am. There are two 15 minute breaks between groups. Lunch is included in the program, during group. The formal program ends at 1 pm. Staff is available until 4 pm for individual and family sessions.

Additional Services: Case management is provided to help clients access other services such as health insurance, physical health care, transportation, medication services, individual therapy, 12 Step groups, opiate treatment, residential and detox admission.

Policies and procedures: If a client is visibly intoxicated, ill or falling asleep, they will be asked to leave for the day and every effort will be made to find a safe way home for them. Referral to detox will be made if appropriate.

  • Drug dealing on site will be grounds for termination from the program. Behavior that is disrespectful, confrontational, disruptive, abusive or violent is never acceptable. If terminated, referral will be made to another appropriate service.
  • Damage or theft of property of the agency and/or others (clients or staff) may result in formal charges.
  • Clients are expected to be on time and to stay for the entire program day, Discuss possible exceptions with IOP staff.
  • Clients will have one individual counseling session per week. Clients will participate in development of their treatment plan and all treatment plan reviews.

After Hours Contact: Clients may use the SSTAR after hour emergency service if needed. Call the answering service at 508 679-5222, give first name, phone number and expect a call back from a SSTAR counselor within ten minutes.

Complaints about the Program: Clients may give feedback directly to the staff involved. They may complete a client complaint form which will be forwarded to Patricia Emsellem, the Patients Rights Officer. See SSTAR Client Rights and Responsibilities for more information.

Concurrent Care: Clients are able to have individual counseling and/ or medication services through SSTAR outpatient counseling program or another agency while enrolled in IOP, as long as their insurance authorizes it.

Continuum of Care: Clients are expected to continue treatment after completion of IOP through regular outpatient group and/or individual therapy.

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