SSTAR Family Health Care Center Provider Information


MDsSSTAR has two locations for primary health care – The Family Health Care Center @ SSTAR located at the main campus, 400 Stanley Street Fall River, MA (north end) and SSTAR’s SouthEnd Services located at 1010 South Main Street (south end).

Although our providers can work at either site SouthEnd Services usually is staffed by:

  • Peter D. Martelly MD – Lifeline Methadone Program (Medical Director)
  • Amy Beth Weldon FNP – Family Medicine

The main site on 400 Stanley Street is staffed by:

  • David Carter MD – Family Medicine (Medical Director)
  • Genie Bailey MD – Clinical Research and Opioid treatment
  • Judith Dischel MD – Opioid treatment only – Suboxone and Methadone
  • Catherine Schomer MD – Pediatrician
  • Scott D. Lauermann MD – Family Medicine
  • Katie Raju FNP- Family Medicine
  • Kristen Kowalski FNP – Family Medicine
  • Sherine Thomas FNP – Family Medicine
  • Michaela Maynard FNP – Family Medicine
  • Phyllis Cook FNP – Family Medicine
  • Callie Avis FNP – Family Medicine
  • Nina Szulewski ANP – Family Medicine

In addition we have an Infectious Disease consultant Dr. Karen Tashima.

Our providers are associated with both local hospitals, SouthCoast Hospital Group (Charlton site) and Steward Health Care (St. Anne’s Hospital).

Our health center utilizes SouthCoast Laboratory at our main site.