Mission – To provide a quality continuum of care and support to all people, especially those affected by addiction, by responding to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Vision – Led by our mission, our vision is to participate together as a team in this meaningful work, in a collegial, responsible and financially sound atmosphere.


  • Tradition – To preserve our heritage of providing services tailored to those who are addicted and affected by addiction.
  • Leadership – To set the standard in the community regarding the education, prevention, and treatment of addiction.
  • Teamwork – To design and provide services in a non-judgmental, respectful and culturally competent manner, enabling the greatest level of partnership and self-determination for each consumer.
  • Accountability – To deliver this care so that it is accessible, affordable, effective and efficient.
  • Respect – To care for individuals regardless of their circumstances and to treat consumers and their families as well as our employees and colleagues with dignity and honesty.
  • Learning – To improve our understanding of disease, trauma and social stigma
  • Harm Reduction – To facilitate services appropriate to the circumstances, needs and wishes of the consumer.
  • Expertise – To share our knowledge regarding the provision of health care and social services to those disenfranchised from traditional services. This knowledge base includes the dynamics and treatment of addiction, women’s issues, HIV/AIDS, trauma as well as primary and preventative medical care.