Ambulatory Behavioral Health Services

Ambulatory Behavioral Health services began providing aftercare for substance dependent clients discharged from detox. Later, outpatient services also became licensed to treat mental health. Services grew from a handful of counselors to 28 master’s level clinicians and from two hours per week of psychiatric service to 48 hours.

Experts in the integrated treatment of co- occurring mental health, substance dependence and trauma issues provide comprehensive mental health services for outpatients, including individual, family and group therapy and medication services. Therapy groups include trauma recovery, anger management and relapse resistance. Services are integrated with the Women’s Center, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and the Family HealthCare Center.

As part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Rapid Cycle Change Initiative, ABH started IOP substance dependence treatment. Inspired by an IOP program at Arcadia Hospital in Maine, the primary principle of SSTAR IOP is to open access and reduce the average wait time for substance abuse clients to less than a day.

Treatment focuses on early recovery from substance dependence and co-occurring mental disorders. Group topics depend upon the needs and interest of clients attending that day. Treatment modalities include group, individual and family therapy, case management, medication services and links to 12 Step programs. Client satisfaction is high as we strive to address clients’ needs quickly and co-create a positive peer culture that supports recovery beyond the brief, intensive program.