September Employee of The Month

We are excited to announce that John Keezer and Theresa Hirst are the September Employees of the Month.


John is described as someone who always goes beyond his normal duties. He tries to solicit donations to help with patient needs. He will run out to get things for the unit when there is a need and no driver is on that day. He always prioritizes patients, working hard to meet every need. He searches out nurses from other programs when there is not one on the unit and a patient is in need. He contributes to both sides of the CSS; creating charts and making notes and ensuring that all blood work is done. He sets appropriate limits making sure that the rules of the unit are followed and provide a safe environment. He has a great attitude and is a team player who is always willing to do any task that it takes to keep the unit running best for the patients.

Theresa is a great asset to SSTAR. She is a hard -working team member who always strives to do whatever it takes to keep patient care moving forward by being on top of all credentialing needs. Theresa has been putting in extra hours, coming in on her own time on weekends to do whatever is necessary to get the health center at Weaver Street ready to open and provide care to patients. Theresa is the first face seen at the door of administration. She is always ready with a smile no matter what pressure she is under. Her sense of humor is well appreciated and helps to make the things that are challenging feel a little bit easier. She is organized, dependable and productive. SSTAR is lucky to have Theresa.