Clinical Stabilization Service

Inpatient substance unit for individuals not requiring detox who have a substance use disorder and/or co-occurring mental health disorder

SSTAR’s Clinical Stabilization Service (CSS) program provides services that enhance motivation and encourage recovery through successful linkage to aftercare. The CSS unit serves primarily as a “step-down” from detox (ATS) or our co-occurring disorders unit (DDS).  SSTAR welcomes referrals from outside facilities, as well as self-referrals from the community as direct admissions. Treatment includes individual and group counseling, education, case management, comprehensive individualized assessment, individual treatment planning, and nursing services. Transportation is provided to interviews for aftercare placement to long term residential programs, sober houses, TSS, and medical appointments. SSTAR believes that the path to recovery must be tailored to the individual. CSS responds to the individual’s treatment preferences and readiness to change. CSS incorporates the 12-step program, medication assisted treatment and motivational interviewing, in a trauma-informed setting. Recognizing the critical importance of length of time in treatment to improved outcomes, CSS encourages extended (3-6 months) connection with a recovery support navigator (RSN) or recovery coach.

Contact info:

Lisa Rogers

Phone number: (508) 730-3303

Email: [email protected]

Leadership Team

  • Lisa Rogers
    Clinical Stabilization Services, Program Director


  • How long is the CSS program?

    The average length of stay is 14-21 days. This varies based on the individual’s needs and after care planning.

  • What am I allowed to bring?

    You will be sharing your bedroom with between one and five other clients and the rooms have very limited storage space. We must ask you to limit what you bring with you.

    • The maximum amount of clothing you can bring (you will have access to a washing machine):
      • 6 tops, 6 pants/skirt, 6 undergarments, 2 sets of sleeping attire (pajamas, sweats, etc)
      • 6 pairs of socks, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of slippers or flip-flops, 1 pair of shower shoes
      • 1 coat/jacket, and 1 hat (cold weather only, beanie style only)
    • Appropriate reading materials – books, etc – for free time
    • Cash for incidentals. There is no place to lock up your money. It is recommended that you never keep more than $25 in cash with you.
    • Cigarettes in unopened containers because of safety concerns, smoking is allowed only during specified supervised smoking breaks. Your cigarettes will be kept locked up and distributed to you by staff at the smoking break.
    • Mp3 players (only) are allowed with headphones and charger. They must not have the ability to take pictures, connect to the internet, or record. Charger must be kept at nurse station.
    • Please bring all your medications in their proper bottles. Do not take any pills out to leave at home.
  • Does SSTAR CSS allow visitors?

    Here at SSTAR, we strongly encourage loved one’s involvement in treatment and we offer half hour-long visits on the weekends.

  • Can I have my cell phone on the CSS unit?

    To promote an atmosphere focused on treatment and recovery, clients are allowed to use the phone with staff at designated times and individual cell phone use is not permitted.

  • What insurances do you accept?

    We accept the following MassHealth products: Beacon BMC, NHP, Fallon, MBHP, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Tufts Network Health, and MassHealth Stand with Medicare A&B. We accept private insurances Blue Cross Blue Shield Mass Laborers, and United Behavioral Health. We also accept the uninsured and have an insurance specialist who can help you apply for MassHealth. If you are unsure if we accept your plan, you can also call the behavioral health member services phone number on the back of your insurance card.


  • I would like to thank every staff member. They were all extremely helpful and supportive. I’ve never been to a program where every member of the staff had an impact on my life until now. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you to Theresa, Shea, Julie, dr.k, and marry, you guys have made a huge impact on my life and I deeply appreciate that, thank you so much for being here for us to help improve our lives and emotions!

  • Well everyone. I’ve been at this for a while and so have many. Ya get used to getting let down. N that was my story, just get used to getting let down. But they restored my hope in professional psychiatric help. Theresa, Doreen, Julie, Becky, Mary, and everyone else are 1000% all in and are very sophisticated in their approach.

  • Thank you to the entire fourth floor employees here at star in the partial hospitalization program they are all amazing! My second time here and they really have helped me Thank you so much

  • Thank you for everything that you have helped me deal with in my life I feel this program has given me a better perspective on my emotional state and the actions that are/nor followed by them I would recommend this program highly for people struggling w/maintenance of mental stability and their barriers that come between their success.

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