COVID-19 Emergency Response for SSTAR

In this stressful time, we are working to reduce risk of virus exposure by our staff and patients. This unfortunately necessitated some difficult decisions:

  • All group treatment is suspended for all programs
  • We are going to limit admissions to our inpatient programs and will begin to work towards reducing the census so as to give more space to any patients that remain on the units. We will work with patients to arrange alternative treatment.
  • The client lounge in outpatient is closed. We want patients to avoid coming to the agency in person whenever possible and, for those, that need to come in person, we will try to get them in and out as quickly as possible to avoid having groups of people in our waiting rooms, possibly exposed to the virus
  • Our caseworkers, recovery coaches, and outreach workers will temporarily suspend any face to face meetings with clients in the community or in their homes. Communication will be through phone or video conferencing until this critical period for virus transmission has passed.
  • There will be no babysitting offered for our patients until further notice.
  • Any situation where patients are waiting – Lifeline dosing lines, Open Access, we encourage 6 feet distance between people,
  • Health Center patients scheduled for routine visits will have their appointments postponed. If they are sick, we will have one of our medical providers speak with them on the phone or do a video conference telehealth session with the patient to avoid having them come in.
  • We are reassigning staff to handle increased volume of phone calls and expanding our capacity for medical providers and counselors to treat their patients from home through telehealth.
  • Patients who come to SSTAR are asked not to bring anyone with them to reduce numbers of people exposed to possible illness. Leave them home or have them wait in the car.
  • Family members looking for help can call the ARISE Family Intervention phone 508-558-0376

Hopefully this crisis will pass and we can resume all services soon.