Directors of the Quarter

We are excited to announce that Michael Currier and Beth Cantafio are the Directors of the Quarter for Quarters 1 and 2 of 2022.


“Michael began his position as Director for Project Aware in early 2020…..he began that position during the first month of the pandemic….in his first week he took control of the Contract Tracing Collaborative.  He then took on the implementation of the Mobile Addiction Grant Project.” Throughout these additions Michael has continued to lead Project Aware.  “His knowledge about addiction, mental health, infectious disease, diversity, and health equity along with his compassion for the overall needs of our patients is evident in everything he does.  “ Michael has taken healthcare to where the clients need SSTAR most.  His team’s work in the encampments has been lifechanging for some.  “Michael is very sensitive to the needs of his staff as well and has built a strong team by nurturing a team culture.”  He also shares his expertise as a yoga instructor to remind all staff of the importance of self- care.  Thank you, Michael!


Beth is on a mission to make sure that SSTAR can fund its mission.  She has been a strong leader in making sure that she maximizes the collections so that the programs can be supported.  She takes this task personally working hard to move forward and push to get every penny that the organization deserves.  She is a strong supervisor who supports her staff while teaching them the importance of what they do.  “Beth’s dedication to her department and her ‘hands on’ approach is greatly appreciated.”  Her staff feel lucky to report to her.