Dual Diagnosis

The DDS unit manages acute withdrawal and helps to stabilize a client’s mental disorder, preparing them to continue in their recovery process

Clients with co-occurring disorders are usually admitted to our Dual Diagnosis (EATS- Enhanced ATS) unit. In addition to providing the services available on the regular detox unit, the Enhanced detox offers specific psychiatric and mental health support. The program treats adult individuals with unstable or untreated mental disorders who meet the DSM criteria for substance dependence and who are at risk for severe withdrawal symptoms.

On the Dual Diagnosis unit, psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring is a key aspect of the integrated treatment. The Unit is a highly structured, staff secure milieu. The Program Director of this Unit, a Board Certified psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, and the Medical Director, a Board Certified and ASAM certified psychiatrist, oversee the development of an individualized psychiatric medical regime for each patient. Each patient is also evaluated by a member of the medical staff for treatment or referral of acute and/or chronic health conditions. Following patient stabilization, aftercare planning will usually include integration into intensive case management, medication management, and psychotherapy. In addition to substance abuse education groups, the staff on this unit provides group education on topics such as Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar Disorders.

Contact info:

Monserrate Martinez

Phone: 508-324-5522

Email: [email protected]


Ready to Care

  • Gillian Sampson
  • Jaime Desrosiers
  • Tiffany Morales
  • Jennifer Terrao
  • Roberta Portugal
  • Marilyn Carvalho
  • Stephanie Gayed
  • Kyle Cabral
  • Victoria Estes
    CADAC, Senior Clinician
  • Vincenzo Distefano
  • Brittany Sylvia
    Recovery Specialist
  • Timothy Falke
    Recovery Specialist
  • Kathia Hernandez
    Recovery Specialist
  • Joelimar Soto
    Recovery Specialist
  • Tammy Young
    BSN, Director of Nursing, Acute Treatment Services, RN
  • Stacey Almeida
    Medical Provider, NP
  • Maggie Carr
    PMHCNS, Program Director
  • Scott Haltzman
  • Doreen Huffman
    PMHNP, Psychiatric Provider
  • Monserrate Martinez
    Intake Coordinator


  • “If I could give this place 100 out of 100 I would. Highly recommended!!! They helped me turn my life around and get my kids back. They believed in me until I believed in myself. And for that I am eternally grateful.Thank you to my Sstarbirth family 💜”

    – Tara D.
  • I’ve been with sstar for almost 2 years now and I’ve only ever had one problem and it was taken care of right away and I haven’t had a problem since. I would gladly recommend sstar to anyone trying to get clean the staff at Sstar has been my main source of support and I’m very grateful for them.

    – Angee R.
  • Sstar helped me save my life 7 plus years ago. Pretty sure it’s the only detox that you can still smoke cigarettes at. Which was a plus when I detoxed. The staff are amazing, and care about you and want to see you succeed. When the pandemic hit, and IOP and groups had to close, Sstar acted fast to set up programs to still be able to help people. I utilize the groups they use on Zoom, and they have helped me, but I can’t wait til they can be in person again! They have helped me with mental health, addiction, everyday issues, as well as when I’m sick. I have made friendships over the years, and Sstar has its own little community of support. It’s worth it! They are everyday life savers, that deserve more recognition then what they get! Forever grateful for all the support from my army at Sstar! 🙏🏼💜

    – Andrea O.
  • “They are in the business of saving lives. Saved mine thank you.”

    – Jeffrey G.
  • “People are SO well taken care of here. The level of kindness and compassion is over and above.”

    – Anonymous

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