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We are excited to announce that

Leonor Luz and Brittney Sylvia are the Employees of the Month for September!

Leonor Luz is a Case Manager with Project Aware.

Leonor has been with SSTAR for 23 years and we are so grateful to have her! She is hard working and has dedicated herself to help clients who are at risk for or are currently managing HIV. She is warm and compassionate, always ready to listen to whoever needs her support. She is professional and ethical always guarding everyone’s confidentiality and privacy. She consistently pitches in for community events whether it be World Aids Day, Pride, Homeless Connect or the vast number of other events that she contributes her time to! Her positive outlook is infectious, and her clients always walk away feeling the warmth of her caring demeanor.  Leonor is a great choice for the September Employee of the Month!

Britney Sylvia has been a Recovery Specialist on the inpatient unit for five years!

Britney is described by her colleagues as a wonderful worker who is always willing to jump in and help anyone. She is a caring and empathetic presence on the unit always warm and soft spoken to patients, no matter the stressor on the unit. She is consistent and present, reliable and dependable. She works with clients even when they are at their most vulnerable and not at their best. She encourages and supports always making sure that everyone who enters the unit feels welcomed. She goes above and beyond, washing peoples clothing and even putting little quotes into welcome bags. She works hard to make sure that patients can get into appropriate services. Her patient focus make Brittney a perfect September Employee of the Month!