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Vinny Celona and Tammara Fernandes are the April Employees of the Month!

Vinny is a lead in our security department and has been with SSTAR for 7 years!

Vinny is reliable, dependable and takes great pride in his job here at SSTAR. He is highly visible and always circulates throughout the property. Vinny is responsible for the schedules for security and always adjusts to make sure there is coverage for the safety of our staff and clients. He is a team player who regularly shifts his own schedule to make certain that everything is safe and often works extra shifts when necessary to maintain coverage. His communication is excellent with staff and management. Taking care of patient and staff safety is always his priority.

Vinny is a great choice for April Employee of the Month!

Tammara is a nurse in the MAT program and has been at SSTAR for the last 4 years!

Tammara is described as a vital member of the MAT team. She consistently triages patient questions and helps them with their concerns making sure that they do not go without their medication. She is always kind, thoughtful and empathetic with her patients. She has great problem- solving skills which she always uses to get her patients what they need. Tammara is well connected to her peers and is a go to for them. She always shares her institutional knowledge with anyone who needs assistance and is a major support to all of those with whom she works. Her work is excellent, and she pays attention to the details that result in funding and resources for the program. She jumps in to pick up anything that needs to be done to keep the work moving forward.

Tammara is a perfect choice for Employee of the Month!