Employees of the Month for March & April

March Employees of the Month

We are excited to announce that Barry Bostock and Shelly Saucier are the March Employees of the Month!


Barry Bostock has been at SSTAR for over 30 years. He is noted by his supervisors and peers to consistently go above and beyond to help clients in any manner possible. He is always ready to lend an ear, a car ride, or a home visit to someone in need. Barry always says yes to any staff who asks for help. “He is an invaluable asset to new staff who are coming on board. CCBHC and Partial Program would not be the same without his smiling face.” Barry is consistent in his commitment to the organization and to his clients but supportive of change that helps move patient care forward. Barry is a perfect choice for the March Employee of the Month

Shelly Saucier has been with SSTAR for 22 years. Shelly does her job along with other tasks that come before her without a second thought. She never says no to anyone who asks for her help. She takes an active role in teaching staff and always shares her knowledge freely. “She bends over backwards for anyone who needs her help.” As a supervisor, she is noted to be a hard-working leader who rolls up her sleeves. She is understanding, caring and compassionate. She is there to help and to listen and her ability to listen along with all of this makes her a true March Employee of the Month!

April Employees of the Month

We are excited to announce that Mandy Silva and Pam Wein are the April Employees of the Month!


Mandy Silva is the Administrative Assistant for Ambulatory Behavioral Health. She has been with SSTAR for five years. Mandy is viewed by her peers as a collaborator and a problem solver. She is driven by her commitment to quality patient care. She is always willing to answer questions. If she does not know an answer, she makes it her mission to find the answer and take it back to those who were looking for assistance. She is positive and calm no matter how hectic the day feels. Mandy is a quiet but forceful presence who is a great candidate for the April Employee of the Month!

Pam Wein has been our Accounting Manager for the last five years. Pam loves a good challenge and with the complexity of our funding she certainly has found it here and we are lucky to have her. “She is the Yoda of Excel!” Pam is professional, smart, committed and an invaluable member of the accounting team. Pam keeps us on the straight and narrow when it comes to managing and documenting for federal grants. Pam is always willing to stop what she is doing to jump in and help with deadlines. She is always willing to lend a hand. She works until the job is done, no matter when that happens. She stays late, but is a quiet presence who does not look for recognition. She is considered essential by her supervisors and peers alike! Pam thanks for being a rock star and congratulations on a well deserved, April Employee of the Month!