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Willie Cabral and Alyssa Soares are the Employees of the Month!

Willie has been with SSTAR for 19 years!

Willie works in Project Aware providing referral, counseling, and testing services. He always prioritizes patient care above all else doing his best to accommodate the needs of every patient. He is careful to guard the confidentiality of those he works with and always listens to what they are saying. He outreaches to the community attending events and caring for those who live in the SSTAR area of service. Willie strives to help each client where they are at and to assist with their harm reduction and recovery efforts. He is professional, warm, and well respected by clients, staff, and community members.

Willie is a great choice for March Employee of the Month!

Alyssa Soares has been with SSTAR for over 9 years!

Alyssa is the Prevention Coordinator. She began her career at SSTAR as a peer leader and has held numerous positions within the organization being promoted into the Prevention Coordinator position. Alyssa is described by her peers as intelligent, thoughtful, and hardworking. She is adaptable and always willing to jump in to help wherever she is needed. She works hard on every project including community events, strategic planning or just moving furniture when needed! She co-leads a longstanding prevention coalition in southeastern mass providing leadership , vision and problem solving to address the complexities that exist in the care delivery system for our clients. She provides a judgement free zone, meeting people where they are a,t and always takes pains to highlight the youth in the community. She is committed, warm, effective, and perhaps most importantly, humble in all her efforts and drive to serve.

Alyssa is a perfect choice for March Employee of the Month!