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Betty Amarelo and Ashley Frasier are the May Employees of the Month!

Betty has been with SSTAR for over 20 years!

Betty is currently the Scheduling Coordinator at SSTAR. She consistently demonstrates exceptional dedication. She has a remarkable work ethic and a positive attitude that significantly contributes to the success of the call center and front desk teams and to the organization overall. Betty exemplifies outstanding teamwork, cooperation, and leadership qualities. Her attention to detail is unwavering and her commitment to excellence is commendable. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to her colleagues, offers insightful suggestions and takes on additional responsibilities as needed. She is approachable and provides support and knowledge sharing that is a valuable asset to the team. She adapts easily to change and sets a positive example leading others forward to adjust.

Betty is a great choice for May Employee of the Month!

Ashley has been a Grant Coordinator with SSTAR for over 5 years!

Ashley goes above beyond in managing the budgets and understands each grant and funding source, which is no easy task.  She functions as both manager and coordinator. She steps in to cover when there is any transition in director positions. She manages multiple budgets with different funding sources and grant requirements. She has been instrumental in site visits. Ashley was key to the success of these visits. Her knowledge goes beyond just the fiscal component. Ashley made the transition from banking to non- profit work while working toward a master’s degree in health care. Her interest in healthcare expands her capacity to understand the programs. She has taken the time to set her educational goals consistent with the mission of the organization and seeking counsel from clinical and programmatic staff.  Ashley always steps up to fill in gaps and help whenever needed.

Ashley is a perfect choice for May Employee of the Month!