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We are excited to announce that

 Ali Paull and Priscilla Cassell are the October Employees of the Month!

Ali Paull has been an employee with SSTAR for over 7 years!

Ali has been a great addition to the supervisory team. Ali’s calm and warm presence sets a tone for all staff and clients. Staff consistently come to Ali even before she became a manager to ask for support for patients and for themselves. Ali is caring and warm and always finds a way to take care of the person in front of her in the most appropriate way possible. Ali began her professional journey at SSTAR as a clinician and is now an LICSW. Ali values quality patient care above all and quickly jumps in to train and to assist wherever is needed. Ali is willing to train and provide teaching moments in every situation. She is also a constant learner who willingly takes on new tasks and integrates new learning to continue to provide better care in every aspect of SSTAR’s delivery system. She works collaboratively and consistently with all departments to solve any potential barrier to care for our patients.   Ali is a great choice for the October Employee of the Month!

Priscilla has been a Case Manager on CSS for over 4 years!

Priscilla was nominated by 4 of her colleagues! It is noted that she is an amazing team member who has held inpatient CSS case management together during times of short staffing. She is extremely diligent and works hard to get appropriate placements for all of the patients moving forward from the CSS. Priscilla goes above and beyond in always being organized and timely with paperwork to get all that our patients need and connect them with other programs both internally and externally. She is described as professional and ethical, always guarding everyone’s privacy and confidentiality. She is a team player who jumps in wherever it is needed to assist. She is reliable and compassionate bringing joy, fun and caring to her work both with patients and co-workers.  Priscilla is a perfect October Employee of the Month!