Eurasia Linkages Project


On June 18th, through a grant from the Eurasia Foundation, SSTAR hosted a Russian- US Roundtable meeting on use of mobile phone technology to improve health and recovery of high risk women.

In addition to SSTAR staff involved with mHealth, the meeting included:

• Elena Dmietriev, PhD. CEO Moscow, Russia Health and Development Foundation, SSTAR’s partner agency under a Eurasia Foundation mhealth grant.

• Kimberly Johnson, PhD. Campaign Director Center for Health Enhancement Systems at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Victor Capoccia, PhD. A Eurasia Fellow on the mHealth project and formerly of the Robert Wood Johnson Institute, and the Open Society Institute.

Additional colleagues participate in the meeting from Moscow via Skype

This is the second phase of this initiative. The first phase, completed recently is the guide to mhealth interventions for community health organizations – The Roadmap (Mobile Health Interventions)

The meeting focused on next steps in implementing mHealth strategies at SSTAR and in Russia.