Family Healthcare Center

SSTAR has three locations for primary health care – The Family Health Care Center @ SSTAR located at the main campus, 400 Stanley Street Fall River, MA (Highland Area), SSTAR’s South End Services located at 1010 South Main Street (South End) and SSTAR’s North End Services at 75 Weaver Street (North End).

The Family HealthCare Center at SSTAR has expanded to a family medicine model, serving all people from infancy through adulthood. Most of our patients have encountered obstacles to care or personal situations that have required supportive services. We provide primary healthcare, preventative medicine, education and supportive services for all individuals. Our specialized services include infectious diseases including the treatment of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. Services are provided regardless of an ability to pay. Bi-lingual staff is available.

“We offer same day appointments please click Request  An Appointment to request an appointment with a provider. We now offer Telemedicine appointments.

 Specialized Programs

Enhanced Medical Management Services

This Program at SSTAR’s Family Health Care Center, provides ‘Access to Care and Treatment’ for HIV and Hepatitis C clients. Case Management Services are available to assist clients with individual needs.

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (P.E.P.)

For individuals who have been in contact with potentially infected body fluids in an exposure event. For example, needle-stick injuries or contact with blood-to-blood events.

Health Access Program

The Health Access Program has Certified Application Counselors to assist you in finding an affordable health insurance that fits you and your family needs. Contact us or stop by if you need to know more about available insurances or assistance in completion of applications. We are here for you!!

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Nutritional Counseling

The Nutritional Counseling program at SSTAR’s Family HealthCare Center provides individual nutritional counseling and assessment services for everyone concerned about their dietary lifestyle. Emphasis is provided to support specialized nutritional needs including diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, HIV and hypertension. Pediatric consultations are also available.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (S.T.I.) Clinic

SSTAR offers an STI Clinic staffed by an RN and a trained professional. Our services include: Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, risk reduction counseling, education and referral for primary medical care. All services are confidential and are available to everyone regardless of citizenship status. Early intervention is critical to maintaining one’s reproductive health. All STDs are treatable and many are curable.

Buprenorphine/Suboxone Program

Treatment for opiate dependence including medical detox and maintenance in a clinical setting provided by the primary care physician and nurses. This program offers relapse prevention group therapy and individual counseling incorporated into primary health care.

Chronic Disease Management Program – RN Case Manager for Diabetes, Asthma, and High Blood Pressure

Diabetes Case Management Program provides nursing intervention and counseling to clients with Diabetes. Services include blood sugar monitoring, medical management, foot care and preventative services. Bi-lingual Community Health Workers are available for case management and home visits.

Confidential Services for Adolescents

Staff is available to assist adolescents in making informed choices about their health for confidential issues, such as pregnancy and substance use. Testing, treatment, education and support is available without parental consent, although involvement of concerned parents or guardians is always a goal. Services are not charged to parents/guardian’s health insurance.

After Hours Care

The Family HealthCare Center at SSTAR provides 24/7 access to care for our patients. Simply call our main number, 508-675-1054, to be connected to our on-call answering service. They will carefully listen to your concerns and contact the appropriate provider who can help you get the medical care you need. This 24/7 service is for illness and medical concerns. Refills requests must be sent to your pharmacy, as this after hours provider cannot do refills.

Our Team

  • George Maxted
    MD, Chief Medical Officer, Family Health Care Center
  • Donald Page Rice Jr.
    MD, Family Health Care Center
  • Dillen Bosgra
    MD, Family Health Care Center
  • Katie Raju
    FNP, Family Health Care Center
  • Hannah Girard
    BC, DNP, FNP, Family Health Care Center and MAT
  • Phyllis Cook
    FNP, Family Health Care Center
  • Adrianna Medeiros
    FNP, Family Health Care Center
  • Emery W. Marcus
    BC, CARN, FNP, PMHNP, Research Medication For Addiction Treatment
  • Jakob Thomas
    FNP, Family Health Care Center
  • Erica Barratt
    FNP, Family Health Care Center
  • Joan Barrett
    Nutritionist, Family Health Care Center


  • “If I could give this place 100 out of 100 I would. Highly recommended!!! They helped me turn my life around and get my kids back. They believed in me until I believed in myself. And for that I am eternally grateful.Thank you to my Sstarbirth family 💜”

    – Tara D.
  • I’ve been with sstar for almost 2 years now and I’ve only ever had one problem and it was taken care of right away and I haven’t had a problem since. I would gladly recommend sstar to anyone trying to get clean the staff at Sstar has been my main source of support and I’m very grateful for them.

    – Angee R.
  • Sstar helped me save my life 7 plus years ago. Pretty sure it’s the only detox that you can still smoke cigarettes at. Which was a plus when I detoxed. The staff are amazing, and care about you and want to see you succeed. When the pandemic hit, and IOP and groups had to close, Sstar acted fast to set up programs to still be able to help people. I utilize the groups they use on Zoom, and they have helped me, but I can’t wait til they can be in person again! They have helped me with mental health, addiction, everyday issues, as well as when I’m sick. I have made friendships over the years, and Sstar has its own little community of support. It’s worth it! They are everyday life savers, that deserve more recognition then what they get! Forever grateful for all the support from my army at Sstar! 🙏🏼💜

    – Andrea O.
  • “They are in the business of saving lives. Saved mine thank you.”

    – Jeffrey G.
  • “People are SO well taken care of here. The level of kindness and compassion is over and above.”

    – Anonymous

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