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Our Community Partners Program had a successful coat drive for their enrollees, the homeless and anyone that needed a coat.  It was held  at the Weaver St. Cafeteria.   They had a photo booth, hot chocolate, cookies and coffee bar.  

In the afternoon they had a holiday celebration called “Festivus for the rest of us” on the third floor in their break room and other departments were invited. They had the following:

  • Potluck 
  • Secret Santa gift exchange which we called ” Secret Ho Ho Hommie”
  • Christmas games and prices 
  • Karaoke 
  • Raffle 
  • Dress down and ugly sweater/ festive attire day


Top Banana Award Winners:

Energizer Bunny: They keep going and going 


Skydiving Award: Mostly likely to take a risk 


The Toolbox: For the person who can fix anything! 


GPS Award: Most likely to know where anyone is at any given time 


Most likely to Invent the Time Machine: So creative!  


Busy Bee: This person doesn’t even have time for this award 


Babies Bottom Award: Smoothest in times of crisis! 


Old Faithful Award: For always being dependable 


The Seinfeld Award: For excellence in making something out of nothing 


Most likely to Win the Hunger Games 


From December 1st until the 13th, they had a Christmas office prank called “you have been grinched”.  They had a secret Grinch/Grinches do a desk/office prank to the entire team (spread out daily).