Health Connector Open Enrollment at SSTAR


Find quality, affordable health coverage through the Health Connector

Open Enrollment: November 1 – January 31

This is the time to choose a plan and enroll through the Massachusetts Health Connector if you need health insurance for 2017.

You won’t need to fill out a new application to get covered if you’ve already applied. Just update any information that may have changed, choose a plan, and enroll.

Learn more about getting covered during Open Enrollment

You can get free, in-person help with updating your account and choosing a plan. Help is available in many languages.
Even working families can get help paying for coverage through the Health Connector. Learn more about ways to save.

Most people can get help paying for their health insurance

There are  $0 and low-monthly premium ConnectorCare health plans for those who qualify. Below are 2017 income limits by household size for different ConnectorCare plans, and the lowest monthly cost available.

Even if your income is too high for a ConnectorCare plan, you may be able to get a monthly tax credit to lower the cost of a health plan.

Household Size  Income limits for ConnectorCare plans
1 $17,820 $23,760 $29,700 $35,640
2 $24,030 $32,040 $40,050 $48,060
3 $30,240 $40,320 $50,400 $60,480
4 $36,450 $48,600 $60,750 $72,900
For each extra person, add: $6,240 $8,320 $10,400 $12,480
Lowest monthly cost (per person)  $0 $43 $83 $124