Health Connector Special Enrollment Period

The Health Connector is opening a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) running from February 1, 2017- February 28, 2017 for all ConnectorCare eligible individuals, including enrollees. ConnectorCare eligible individuals will have the opportunity to enroll in or change a plan and pay for coverage beginning on March, April, or May 1, 2017, depending on when during the month they shop.

On March 1st the SEP will close and members will have to experience a qualifying event in order to change or enroll in a plan.  The Health Connector also allows any individual that experienced a qualifying event during Open Enrollment to have a full 60 days from the date of the qualifying event to enroll in coverage. Any individual who experienced a qualifying event during open enrollment that would have triggered an SEP automatically will have an SEP opened for the balance of the 60 days owed to them past 1/31.  Individuals who would qualify for an SEP both as ConnectorCare eligible individuals and as an individual with a qualifying event occurring during the open enrollment period will have an SEP opened for whichever period is longer.

Members enrolled in an MCO cannot change their health plan until the next Plan Selection Period on October 1, 2017, except for special reasons.

MCO Plan Selection Period and Fixed Enrollment Period Changes FAQs for Providers can be accessed here.

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