HIV/AIDS Medical Case Management

Our program staff works with consumers to ensure the greatest degree of self determination, autonomy and quality of life. We are here to help develop and support an individualized service plan for battling and thriving with HIV/AIDS. Medical Case Management is integrated into our system of care with services offered at the level which make the most sense for each individual. Our direct service consists of the ACCESS Program, Medical Case Management, Transitional Services and Benefits Coordination.

The ACCESS program was started in 1997 as a way to meet the growing and changing needs of people living with HIV disease, with extremely limited funds. The ACCESS program performs a complete intake and assessment of consumer need, develops an initial service plan and refers to the best suited level of care.

If it is agreed that the individual is able to take charge of their needs, they are supported in referral to SSTAR services and other area resources. The ACCESS Program also maintains a database of HIV referrals and has established relationships with other providers to expedite the referral process and advocate for consumers having difficulty with the system.
Consumers who require additional assistance are triaged to one of two levels of case management. Consumers who need the on-going support of one-on-one case management are assigned to a caseworker who can help to plan for the on-going complexities of HIV and assist with support needs, referral, systems issues, etc.

Consumers who find themselves in crisis or transition can gain access to a caseworker for short periods of time to help them. When the crisis clears or the issues have been resolved, they are triaged back into the ACCESS Program with periodic check-ins to make sure they are still on track.

The Benefits’ Coordinator works with the consumer and their advocate/case manager to ensure that all available benefits are in place and to reduce the paperwork/documentation burden on case management staff. Assistance can be arranged to apply for utility assistance, rental assistance, medical insurance, drug reimbursement, housing applications, etc.

All direct service staff are cross-trained in access to housing programs, HIV counseling and testing, Positive Prevention and accessing Partner Services.

Anyone living with HIV in Fall River, Somerset, Swansea or Westport is eligible for services. Admission is arranged through the ACCESS Program. There are no charges for services. Exception to residency can be granted. Case Management is governed by the Massachusetts standards of care for HIV Case Management developed by the Department of Public Health and Boston Public Health Commission. The program is funded through the MA Department of Public Health, Office of HIV/AIDS and the City of Providence, Office of Development and Planning.

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