IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program

Philosophy: Addiction is a chronic mental disorder that can be treated. People who seek treatment of addiction deserve to be treated as soon as possible with appropriate services. Providing a structured program for addiction treatment in the community allows clients to maintain sobriety in the context of their existing support system at home and in the community so as not to further disrupt their work and family life. Individuals are entitled to treatment that is humane, protects their dignity and prepares them for ongoing treatment of his/her alcohol or drug dependence, psychiatric and/or medical condition as indicated.

Rationale: Intensive Outpatient provides multidisciplinary treatment to comprehensively address the sub-acute needs of clients with addiction and/or co-occurring disorders while allowing them to maintain participation in the community, continue to work or attend school and be part of family life. IOP is designed to increase client access to outpatient treatment services for addiction and is typically provided over a 4-6 week period with continued length of stay based on medical necessity criteria.

Requirements for Admission: Clients will have a substance dependence diagnosis. They will not be experiencing acute withdrawal. They will make a commitment to substantially reduce or eliminate substance use. They will abide by the SSTAR Client Rights and Responsibilities Policy.

Referral Process: Intakes for potential clients can be completed at SSTAR’s Open Access Center located at 386 Stanley Street Fall River, MA, Mon.– Fri. 7:30 AM to 6 PM, Sat. and Sun. 9 AM to 1 PM.
Clients who have completed the program and wish to readmit for extra support believed to be beneficial in their recovery treatment are encouraged to meet with IOP staff to review and discuss options.

Payment: Most forms of MassHealth and most private insurances are accepted. Massachusetts residents with Medicare only or without insurance are accepted as well with a sliding scale fee. Co-payments are due on the date of service.

Average length of stay: 4 – 6 weeks, varying on individual treatment goals and clinical necessity.

Hours of Operation/Schedule

  • Update IOP via Zoom 5 Days a Weeks
  • South Main Street: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 12 PM
  • Stanley Street: Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 1 PM
  • Clients are required to attend a minimum of 3 days/week. Clients can choose and vary what days.
  • Clients gather at their respective locations, 30 minutes prior to the beginning of IOP for coffee and toast to socialize and settle in for the day; peer support is encouraged.
  • IOP begins with Check-in. Clients discuss any current issues/concerns and create goals for the day.
  • The day consists of educational/therapeutic groups focusing on recovery and relapse prevention.
  • Lunch is provided at 386 Stanley Street.
  • IOP ends with Check-out. Clients review their progress in their recovery and create safe-plans.

Additional Services: Clients will meet for individual case management and counseling to identify needs. Clients will collaborate to develop their individualized Recovery Treatment Plan and Aftercare Relapse Prevention Plan. Clients will also be guided and provided assistance to access other services including but not limited to health insurance, physical health care, transportation, medication services, individual therapy, 12 Step Groups, community resources, substance abuse treatment, residential and detox admission.

Relapse Policy: Upon admission to IOP, clients are asked to commit to substantially reduce or eliminate substance use and to abide by the SSTAR Client Rights and Responsibilities Policy. Clients who report use are not automatically discharged from the program but use will be addressed; recovery is a process and it is the philosophy of IOP to meet a client where he or she is at. However, if a client is visibly intoxicated, disruptive, and ill or falling asleep, they will be asked to leave for the day; every effort will be made to find a safe way home for them if necessary. Clients are welcomed to return to IOP when they are functioning better. A review of appropriate level of care will be conducted and referral to detox will be made if appropriate.

Policies and Procedures:

  • Drug dealing on site will be grounds for termination from the program.
  • Behavior that is disrespectful, confrontational, disruptive, abusive or violent is never acceptable.
  • If terminated, referral will be made to another appropriate service.
  • Damage or theft of property of the agency and/or others (clients or staff) may result in formal charges.
  • Clients are expected to be on time for every group and to stay for the entire program day.

After Hours Contact: Clients may use the SSTAR after hour emergency service if needed. Call the answering service at 508 679-5222, give first name, phone number and expect a call back from a SSTAR counselor within ten minutes.

Complaints about the Program: Clients may give feedback directly to the staff involved. They may complete a client complaint form which will be forwarded to Patricia Emsellem, the Patients’ Rights Officer. See SSTAR Client Rights and Responsibilities for more information.

Concurrent Care: Clients are able to have individual counseling and/ or medication services through SSTAR outpatient counseling program or another agency while enrolled in IOP so long as their insurance authorizes it and is scheduled outside of IOP hours on the days attending IOP.

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