July Employees of the Month

Congratulations Kassandra Roderiques!

Kassandra is a Care Coordinator in the Community Partners Program.  The CP program provides a full array of care coordination services for some of the most high-risk clients in the state.  Kassandra is a hard-working care coordinator who puts patients first and is always willing to help.  Recently Kassandra took on her quickly volunteered to jump in and work with her co-worker’s entire caseload while she was out sick with COVID.  Kassandra did not hesitate and took on these tasks along with her own work.  She worked hard to finish out the contacts needed to manage the clients and to put through the end of month billing that is vital to the program’s finances.  She consistently offers help to other staff who need assistance at the end of every month to contact those clients who they have not been able to reach.  She always steps up to train new staff and even organizes staff celebrations and events.  She is working on organizing and running the teams’ third baby shower this year!  Thanks Kassandra!

Congratulations Nancy Matheny!

Nancy works providing groups and other work for the family members whose loved ones struggle with substance use disorder.  Nancy goes above and beyond to help families.  She is a strong advocate and educates them on addiction.  She collaborates with the medical staff at SSTAR and makes herself available after hours for families in crisis.  She coordinates with co-workers and other providers in every program to ensure that these families get everything they need.  Nancy is a certified yoga instructor and shares her talents with both clients and staff! Thanks Nancy!