Massachusetts Impaired Driving Program

The Massachusetts Impaired Driving Program (MIDP) is a program for individuals charged with a First Offense Driving Under the Influence violation. Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90-24D provides the option of attending the MID program as an alternative to a lengthier license loss, heavier fines, and possible incarceration.

The goal of the program is to reduce the risk of future drinking and driving incidences through modifying the behavior and attitudes of program participants. For many, this may include the reduction or elimination of their alcohol use.

The program consists of an intake assessment, thirty-two hours of group over sixteen weeks, exposure to self-help groups through attending two meetings in the community, and a victim impact presentation. At the exit interview at the end of the program, recommendations and referrals can be made for anyone interested in further treatment or supportive services.

The cost of the program is $867.76. The most common payment plan is $367.76 at the intake which is the first required meeting and then the balance of $500.00 being paid in ten equal payments of $50.00 over the first ten sessions.

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