Mental Health First Aid at SSTAR

“SSTAR is a host site to an AmeriCorps member who conducts trainings on Mental Health First Aid to any interested agencies or community members.”

The course is 8-hours and is the Adult Mental Health First Aid course. Participants learn how to give the initial help to someone developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis until appropriate treatment is received or until the crisis resolves. The MHFA strategy teaches participants how to identify risk factors and symptoms of several mental illnesses and substance use disorders. The aim of MHFA is to deliver appropriate immediate care to people experiencing a mental health problem while decreasing the stigma of mental illness in the community. The course does not teach the participant how to be a professional or clinician but teaches how to guide someone through a crisis and encourage them to get help afterward to support their recovery. Upon completion of the course, participants will become certified in Mental Health First Aid and receive a certificate.

Please contact AmeriCorps/Mental Health First Aid Corps member Emma Newcity if you are interested in participating in a training or have any questions via email: