November Employees of the Month

We are excited to announce that Rita Carvalho and Delores Medeiros are the November Employees of the Month.


Rita is the Medical Assistant at Lifeline at 1010 South Main. It is noted by her peers that she arrives at work every morning with a smile on her face and always positive and in good spirits. She is described as cheerful and upbeat and a staff member who brightens the day of employees and patients alike. She often goes above and beyond her regular duties. “She not only fulfills her own job description, but she goes out of her way every day to help her coworkers. Many times, Rita can be seen in the Toxicology Lab obtaining UDS’s when the Toxicologist is absent or too busy. Rita also helps the nurses in other sections every day. She will answer the phone, conduct dose evaluations, obtain vital signs for nursing staff, and will jump in the front office to assist the office staff when the lines are long. Rita makes all jobs easier.” Her peers noted that she helps everyone and is best at the times when others are feeling overwhelmed. Rita is a true team player. There is nothing too small or too difficult for her to see as a need and to be the first to volunteer to do. Rita is an amazing staff member at SSTAR!



 Dolores is a front office specialist at the Health Center at Stanley Street. It is noted by her co-workers that she has an innate ability to work well under pressure without ever losing her composure. “Dolores has always demonstrated the highest level of respect and maturity as she interacts with patients and with co-workers. In addition to her affable personality and professional demeanor, Dolores has detailed knowledge about everything front office related.” Dolores’ peers describe her as someone who is genuinely interested in others who backs that interest with caring and compassion and a positive attitude. Her responsiveness is noteworthy, and she always provides timely, accurate and helpful information. Dolores is a front desk super SSTAR!