Outpatient Services Overview

  • Ambulatory Behavioral Health Services
    Ambulatory Behavioral Health Services provides individual, group and family therapy as well as medication evaluation services for a wide variety of psychological problems, including substance abuse/dependence, trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, anger, etc. Clients may be referred from detox, hospitals or residential programs for after care or directly from the community, referred by doctors, schools, community agencies or self.
  • Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program
    Our Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program is a 40-week program, which provides educational groups for batterers and resource information to partners and victims as part of a coordinated community response.
  • Massachusetts Impaired Driving Program
    The Massachusetts Impaired Driving Program (MIDP) is a program for individuals charged with a First Offense Driving Under the Influence violation. Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90-24D provides the option of attending the MID program as an alternative to a lengthier license loss, heavier fines, and possible incarceration.
  • Family Interventions (ARISE)
    ARISE is an approach to engaging reluctant drug and alcohol dependent individuals into treatment using an “invitational” model of intervention.
  • IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program
    Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction Treatment provides multidisciplinary treatment to comprehensively address the sub-acute needs of clients with addiction and/or co-occurring disorders while allowing them to maintain participation in the community, continue to work or attend school and be part of family life.
  • Open Access Groups
    SSTAR offers Group Treatment, including Domestic Violence Educational Group, Women’s Evening Domestic Violence Group, Pattern Changing Group, Parenting Wisdom, Pain Management, Creative Expression Group, Building Ourselves Recovery Group, Common Bond, Seeking Safety, Staying Sane, and Other Relapse Prevention Groups.
  • Smoking Cessation
    SSTAR offers a number of smoking cessation services that include individual and group counseling. In addition, SSTAR offers tobacco treatment to local businesses who are interested in running a program for their employees.
  • The Women’s Center
    The Women’s Center provides individual and group counseling, support groups and legal advocacy, including assistance with pro se documents and accompaniment to various courts.