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Ambulatory Behavioral Health

Ambulatory Behavioral Health (ABH) services provides individual and group therapy as well as medication services for a wide variety of psychological problems, including substance use disorders, trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, anger, etc. These services are offered in a variety of ways. Patients can walk in and access in-person assessments/treatments. Telehealth visits, using either video platforms or telephonic sessions, can also be coordinated. The outpatient treatment team is comprised of dedicated psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists, and social workers committed to compassionate and individualized care.

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A client is required to have monthly clinical counseling with their assigned therapist. Psychiatric provider appts will depend on acuity and need of clients.
We have financial specialists on site to assist; we can help with applying for insurance and offer sliding scales. Don’t let lack of insurance deter you from seeking care.
Patients are encouraged to attend as many groups as possible that fit their needs in one day.
Prescribing practices are individualized to meet the needs of the patient.
If a client is assigned an individual therapist, they are required to see that therapist individually monthly, and group does not count toward their monthly requirement.
No, a client does not have to be a member of the health center to receive services in outpatient.
Yes, with the completion of a written release of information by the client indicating what information can be disclosed.