Enhanced Partial Hospital Program

On January 18, 2021, SSTAR launched an “Enhanced” Partial Hospitalization Program (EPHP). As an “enhanced” program, it consists of a comprehensive DBT model, complete with access to after-hours phone coaching, and additional, complementary therapies: including acupuncture, expressive therapies, and access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Designed for adults aged 18 and up with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders (and with physical health issues if applicable), the EPHP provides intensive, short-term, group-based outpatient treatment to provide stabilization and kick start long term recovery.

During the program, clients learn skills such as Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.  These skills help clients identify and manage their emotions, including triggers that could lead to relapse in terms of substance use and/or mental health symptoms. Daily use of “diary cards” provide a structure to reinforce skills and target problem behaviors for each client.  Each client is also assigned a primary clinician who provides individual therapy, case management, and a discharge plan with additional resources and referrals.  One of these potential referrals is to SSTAR’s own team of specifically trained DBT clinicians for individual and/or skills group.

Over the course of 2-4 weeks, clients attend 4-5 daily groups consisting of psychoeducation, expressive therapies, acupuncture/acupressure, and aromatherapy, all conducted through a DBT lens.  On a weekly basis, clients meet with their primary clinicians individually to address their mental health, addiction, and case management needs.  Additionally, clients meet with a psychiatric provider for an initial evaluation and twice weekly for follow up while enrolled in the program. Furthermore, we are able to provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), including Suboxone and Vivitrol.

Referrals are generally a step-down in treatment from inpatient hospitalization, detox, and/or rehab, or a step-up in treatment from outpatient or IOP, which helps to avoid inpatient level of care. Basically, PHP is an option for those with significant mental health and substance use issues in need of immediate access to psychiatric services, individual counseling, and potentially MAT, without the severity of symptoms that warrant inpatient treatment.

SSTAR’s EPHP is located on the newly renovated 4th floor of the inpatient treatment building at 386 Stanley St., operating Monday-Friday from 8:45am-2:15pm. Referrals are accepted directly from providers and facilities/agencies, both psychiatric and substance focused, but individuals need to have an active mental health diagnosis. We also accept self-referrals.  Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, you will need to complete a rapid COVID test onsite on your first day of treatment.

Our referral form can be found below.  You can fill-out online or print and scan or fax to the [email protected].  Once submitted, it is automatically sent to our director, Julie Sanders, LICSW for review.  You can expect a response from one of our team members by the next business day. If you are a provider looking to assist patients or are looking to self-refer, you can also call 508-235-7082 between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday – Friday with any questions, to complete an initial phone referral, and to schedule an intake.

Ready to Care

  • Julie Sanders
    LICSW, Program Director, Enhanced Partial Hospital Program


  • Doreen is my hero. Kim is extremely talented. Julie is great. Katie is awesome and easy to be honest with. Shea is super cool. Thanks to everyone that helped see me out of my darkest hours and helped provide me with the coping skills I need.

  • Thank you for everything that you have helped me deal with in my life I feel this program has given me a better perspective on my emotional state and the actions that are/nor followed by them I would recommend this program highly for people struggling w/maintenance of mental stability and their barriers that come between their success.

  • Thank you to the entire fourth floor employees here at star in the partial hospitalization program they are all amazing! My second time here and they really have helped me Thank you so much

  • Well everyone. I’ve been at this for a while and so have many. Ya get used to getting let down. N that was my story, just get used to getting let down. But they restored my hope in professional psychiatric help. Theresa, Doreen, Julie, Becky, Mary, and everyone else are 1000% all in and are very sophisticated in their approach.

  • Thank you to Theresa, Shea, Julie, dr.k, and marry, you guys have made a huge impact on my life and I deeply appreciate that, thank you so much for being here for us to help improve our lives and emotions!

  • I would like to thank every staff member. They were all extremely helpful and supportive. I’ve never been to a program where every member of the staff had an impact on my life until now. Thank you so much!

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