Massachusetts Impaired Driving Program

The Massachusetts Impaired Driving (MID) Program serves clients charged with a first or second offense OUI

The Massachusetts Impaired Driving (MID) Program at SSTAR serves individuals charged with first and second offender OUI violations in Massachusetts.

Section 24D of Chapter 90 of the Massachusetts General Laws provides guidance for how these cases are adjudicated and referred out for treatment.

Our first offender program is an outpatient substance use disorder service, which runs for 16 weeks, with each class running for two-hours. Upon completion of all program requirements, clients have an exit interview and receive a certificate of completion. Referrals are made for clients interested in future treatment and support. This program is not covered by insurance and the client must pay out of pocket or provide a court waiver signed by a judge. Current cost: $1,342.56.

Our second offender program is an outpatient substance use disorder service, which runs for 12-months, and may include a combination of individual and/or group counseling. Your intake clinician will make the most appropriate treatment recommendation based on your assessment. This program is covered by insurance. The client is responsible for all co-pays and deductibles. Your insurance must be verified before your intake is scheduled.


  • How much does the program cost and how do I pay?

    First Offender: $1,342.56 (as of 1/1/2023).

    Second Offender: Billed to insurance. Client is responsible for co-pays, annual deductible and/or any cost-sharing requirements of their plan.

    Making Payment: Pay online at, by phone (508) 679-5222, in-person (mask required), or by postal mail. We accept certified bank checks and money orders. We do not accept personal checks.

    A minimum down-payment of $502.56 is expected.

  • Do you offer any payment plans?

    We offer two payment options. Option A is payment in full, and Option B is a down payment of $502.56 followed by 12 weekly payments of $70. We also accept court waivers (see “What if I cannot afford the program?”)


  • What if I cannot afford the program?

    First Offender: If you have a financial hardship (poverty, no income, loss of income, etc.) you may qualify for payment assistance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Apply for a 24D fee waiver at the court where your case was heard. If approved, you must provide SSTAR with a copy of the waiver, which must be signed by a judge and state the amount waived.

    Second Offender: There is no waiver program for Second Offender Aftercare which is covered by insurance.

  • Are groups in-person or online?

    First Offender: Classes are provided only via Zoom. After enrollment a link will be sent by text before the start of class.

    Second Offender: A mixture of in-person and online classes are offered. Please see the outpatient group schedule for registration instructions and class listings. The schedule is available at: A text link will be sent once you are registered for the class. You must register and receive a link for each class.

  • Where can I download the Zoom application?

    By visiting SSTAR’s Zoom Landing Page at or by visiting Zoom can also be downloaded through the app store for the phone or smart device you are using (e.g. Android, iPhone, etc).

  • How will my probation officer know I am taking the class?

    We provide monthly updates once a release of information has been signed and returned.

  • Is there an attendance policy for the program?

    First Offender: Completion of 16 sessions is required. A maximum of 2 absences is allowed for documented emergencies. All unexcused absences must be made-up. If you are terminated from the program, you must restart from week 1.

    Second Offender: Completion of a minimum of 24 sessions is required. Clients with higher levels of care may be required to complete additional sessions or may be referred to other services for higher levels of care.

  • How do I get my hardship license?

    The RMV has specific guidelines for approval of hardship license applications, and they alone make the determination on approval. Our program will provide you with an enrollment verification form upon completion of your intake/assessment and required payment. You must take that form to the RMV for a hearing appointment. For more information, please visit


  • I would like to thank every staff member. They were all extremely helpful and supportive. I’ve never been to a program where every member of the staff had an impact on my life until now. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you to Theresa, Shea, Julie, dr.k, and marry, you guys have made a huge impact on my life and I deeply appreciate that, thank you so much for being here for us to help improve our lives and emotions!

  • Well everyone. I’ve been at this for a while and so have many. Ya get used to getting let down. N that was my story, just get used to getting let down. But they restored my hope in professional psychiatric help. Theresa, Doreen, Julie, Becky, Mary, and everyone else are 1000% all in and are very sophisticated in their approach.

  • Thank you to the entire fourth floor employees here at star in the partial hospitalization program they are all amazing! My second time here and they really have helped me Thank you so much

  • Thank you for everything that you have helped me deal with in my life I feel this program has given me a better perspective on my emotional state and the actions that are/nor followed by them I would recommend this program highly for people struggling w/maintenance of mental stability and their barriers that come between their success.

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