Proud Member of the Association for Behavioral Healthcare

SSTAR is a proud member of the Association for Behavioral Healthcare.

The Association for Behavioral Healthcare (ABH) represents more than 80 community-based mental health and addiction treatment provider organizations across Massachusetts.  ABH members are corporations per Massachusetts General Law and are overseen by boards of directors composed of citizens, professionals, and decision-makers dedicated to the highest management standards and sound policy decisions in the communities they serve. ABH members are the primary providers of publicly-funded behavioral healthcare services in the Commonwealth, serving approximately 81,000 Massachusetts residents daily, 1.5 million residents annually, and employing over 46,500 people.

ABH’s mission is to promote community-based mental health and addiction treatment services as the most beneficial, clinically-effective, and cost-sensitive vehicle for providing care to individuals in need. Accordingly, ABH advocates for prudent public policy and adequate funding for behavioral healthcare and works with leaders at the state and national levels to advance these goals.

ABH contracted with a video production firm to create three 2 ½ minute promotional videos on the importance of behavioral health outpatient in the continuum of mental health and addiction treatment services.

Outpatient System Crisis: Serving Individuals in Need

Outpatient System Crisis: The Battle Against Opioids

Outpatient System Crisis: Value of a Strong Outpatient System