General Screenings: SSTAR will provide screenings to people who have been struggling with unemployment in order to help them determine if they are at risk for substance abuse or mental health problems. Free, voluntary screenings will take place at locations throughout Fall River including: the Career Center, churches, community colleges, and sites where workers have recently been laid off. We will also conduct screenings at the SSTAR’s Health Center.

The screenings are also valuable because they help people identify symptoms of new problems they may have never dealt with before. These may include issues with depression or anxiety which can be hard to recognize or understand, alone.

Screenings will also help individuals identify when old problems with substance abuse or mental health may be triggered.

Trauma Assessments: People who have suffered from past traumas such as sexual or physical abuse; or those experienced by veterans or refugees may have a more difficult time dealing with hard times. Stress can trigger negative and intense reactions to these past traumas; including anxiety, depression, flashbacks and violence. We can help people identify if old traumas are being triggered. We will conduct screenings at locations where people likely to have suffered traumas may visit; including The Veteran’s Center, and the Juvenile Courts.

Domestic Violence Screenings: The stresses of unemployment can trigger anger and violence within families. There have been more fatalities from domestic violence over the past several years in Fall River; and our client list has grown dramatically. SSTAR has support services both for people who are victims of domestic violence, and those who are struggling with violence. We can help screen you or anyone you know for symptoms of violence.