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Stanley Street Treatment and Resources, Inc., (SSTAR) is seeking its next Chief Executive Officer to lead this acclaimed substance abuse treatment, family health center and behavioral health organization.

Headquartered in Fall River, Massachusetts, SSTAR is a Federally Qualified Health Center that serves nearly 10,000 individuals and families throughout the region with four sites in two states. SSTAR provides integrated primary and behavioral health programs such as two primary healthcare centers, ARISE family interventions, HIV/AIDS screening and counseling, residential services to pregnant, postpartum and parenting women, outpatient behavioral health services, an Opioid Triage Center with open access model, MA Impaired Driver program, an Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program and a Women’s Center, an Enhanced Partial Hospital, inpatient substance abuse and detox treatment services, a medications for addiction treatment and a Methadone management program.  SSTAR has an annual operating budget of $29,280,000.00 with 424 employees.

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Retiring CEO Nancy Paull has been a remarkable leader, innovator, and constructive disruptor.  Under her leadership, SSTAR has been a dynamic and problem-solving enterprise, adapting to changing needs in the face of HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol addiction, the opioid epidemic and the many underlying behavioral health, health care, family and domestic violence challenges that directly result from the disease states. Her recognition of the value of an integrated approach, adapting to the specific needs of SSTAR’s clients and challenging bureaucratic barriers that constrain individuals in the throes of these circumstances, has been key to the success of this program and its emergence as a national model.  Ms. Paull has a national and international following as an expert and advocate for SSTAR’s pioneering methodologies.

Ms. Paull’s deep commitment to and respect for those served by SSTAR has also inspired and motivated the board and staff.  Her “can do”, entrepreneurial approach is threaded into the culture of the organization, supported by a staff willing to do what it takes – working weekends and odd hours, problem solving around regulatory and practice constraints and conflicting protocols between programs, assuming responsibilities for duties outside the standard job description. As the long-time leader, she has a command of the organization and an ability to intervene and problem solve wherever and whenever necessary.  This has been key to the organization’s nimbleness and adaptability.

Anticipating Ms. Paull’s departure, we have come to recognize that what made her leadership so effective is unique to her status after 44 years in this role.  Her knowledge of the organization and its operations positioned her to be both public leader and operational director.  SSTAR has experienced and capable senior managers who have worked effectively under her direction.  We anticipate that the new CEO may want to move more authority, responsibility, and accountability to a leadership team while investing in professional development and enhancing systems to better support and measure performance and innovation.

Experienced leaders who share our commitment and values and recognize the impact and untapped potential of this organization, will also appreciate the complexity of following this long-time leader.  To that end, we recognize the importance of an honest conversation about leadership, governance, culture and strategy, and the readiness to evolve – in this process.  Key conditions we will explore in candid dialogue with top candidates include:

  • The board is experienced, mature and ready to adapt in support of a new leader. It has governed well, assuring fiduciary standards are met, using its standing to advocate for resources, funding and policy innovation and engaging robustly on high level strategy. To prepare for this transition, it has prepared itself with an in-depth review of the organization, independent of Ms. Paull.
  • The board is ready for a dialogue with top candidates, based on the objective circumstances that await the next leader. By these means, we aim to establish a common understanding with and concrete support for the new CEO and the strategy that results from this dialogue.
  • The devotion, flexibility, and innovation our staff has brought to this work is precious. Our commitment to them is to find an experienced leader and manager who can help them grow professionally, grow the organization, and continue our innovative and devoted service to our clients and community.
  • We have instituted a transition dialogue with staff, to hear their ideas and needs, welcome their input, participate on the Search Committee and in the process. We know experienced candidates will see the value of an open dialogue with staff about what change will mean, so all the parties are prepared and in support of what will come.
  • SSTAR’s strategy has been to adapt our systems and programs according to the changing needs of those we serve. The constraints of bureaucracy, funding, regulatory and practice standards are a constant challenge to this approach.  But this methodology has become a national model and we are resolved to carry it forward to the next level.  We are committed to continuing on this pathway, and to empowering our next CEO to introduce whatever improvements and reforms are needed to do so.


SSTAR is seeking a CEO who has an unswerving commitment to bettering the lives of the individuals and families we serve. Strong leadership, communication, fundraising and decision-making skills are critical to success in this position. The successful candidate should have a proven ability to encourage teamwork, innovation and collaboration among many individuals and organizations.

While subject matter expertise in this field is a plus, we are also open to individuals with experience in other fields who have the core skills and values outlined in this document, and who can motivate and lead a strong professional team.

A minimum of ten years experience in a senior leadership role is preferred. An advanced degree in management, social services, education, public policy or a related field is preferred.

Key Characteristics, Skills and Abilities:

  • Able to lead and inspire others on behalf of the SSTAR mission
  • Vision, courage and creativity
  • A proven track record of managing staff, finances and a complex organization in a manner that is progressive, consistent and efficient
  • Skilled as a fundraiser who inspires confidence and capable and comfortable in the role of lead fundraiser
  • Demonstrated experience and skills as a consensus builder and in identifying, building and sustaining complex and successful alliances with a range of organizations and institutions to accomplish a common goal
  • Embraces diversity, equity and inclusion and has a demonstrated track record of developing and reinforcing diversity in the workplace
  • Strong strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively navigate evolving and related programmatic, funding and regulatory systems at the local, state and national level
  • Knowledge and understanding of public policy and government leadership
  • Articulate and persuasive communication skills, with the ability to deliver SSTAR’s message and compel a variety of audiences including media, Board, government officials, legislators and the public
  • Able to work effectively with a diverse group of individuals and organizations
  • Interest in and knowledge of current research in the field, and ability to translate knowledge into best practices
  • Initiative and sound judgment in decision-making, in interpreting and applying policies and governmental regulations, in delegating responsibilities and in planning and analyzing programs and policies
  • Demonstrated ability to work successfully with a board of directors
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Accomplished in the use of modern technology and media to strengthen performance and communication.


Salary and benefits for this position are competitive.  SSTAR is an equal opportunity employer.  All applicants will be evaluated on a merit basis.

Resumes may be submitted in confidence to:

Ford Webb Associates

60 Thoreau Street

Concord, MA 01741