SSTAR Youth Program

Communities’ Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) is a community organizing effort designed to change policies and practices of major community institutions in ways that reduce access to alcohol by youth under 21 years old.

The intervention approach involves activating the citizenry of communities to achieve changes in local public policies and changes in the practices of major community institutions, such as law enforcement, licensing departments, community events, civic groups, churches and synagogues, schools, and local mass media.

The objective is to reduce the flow of alcohol to youth from illegal sales by retail establishments, and from provision of alcohol to youth by other adults in the community. Effectively limiting the accessibility of alcohol to teens not only directly reduces teen drinking, but also communicates a clear social norm in the community that underage drinking is inappropriate and unacceptable.

CMCA Activities

  • Sticker shock-a public awareness campaign where stickers are placed on multi packs of alcohol stating “it is illegal to purchase alcohol for persons under 21”
  • Compliance checks- Police accompany an underage person who attempts to purchase alcohol without an ID to see if retailers comply with the law and ask for proper identification.
  • Implement parent and youth contracts-Contracts with youth and parents stating they will not use or provide alcohol at youth parties.
  • Responsible server training – Provide all alcohol servers with certification training so they will be aware of and comply with the alcohol server laws.
  • Social Host Ordinance-Begin community discussions on the feasibility of a social host ordinance holding the host of a function where underage persons are served alcohol legally accountable.