Individual Counseling: In the majority of cases individuals will most likely be referred to an outpatient counselor. These may include counselors who specialize in substance abuse, mental health, or domestic violence. Occasionally, clients may be referred to a counselor at a different Fall River organization. One on one talk therapy sessions with counselors can help individuals identify problems and figure out ways to fix them. The length of counseling varies according to an individual’s needs and can be anywhere from one month to one year.

Substance Abuse Counseling: Individuals who need to detox from alcohol, or opiates or other drugs may also be referred to our inpatient program. The program is entirely voluntary. (click on inpatient services on our website for more information).

Groups: Individuals may be referred to one of the other programs or groups within SSTAR. Clients may participate in these groups in addition to individual counseling, or instead of individual counseling. Groups include Seeking Safety, Parenting Wisdom, Creative Expressions, or Domestic Violence Survivors Groups. (Click on outpatient services and outpatient groups on the website for more information).