United Nations Treatnet

SSTAR was honored to be nominated by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to the United Nations newly organized Treatnet program. SSTAR was selected to be one of 20 global drug treatment organizations to form the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime drug treatment network. The purpose of the new network is to work collaboratively to improve drug treatment quality throughout the world. Treatnet is in the process of developing a series of promising practice manuals in areas such as community-based treatment, sustainable livelihoods for rehabilitation, drug treatment in prisons and integrating drug treatment and HIV care.

In a parallel process, the University of California has been developing a training program for drug treatment workers in under-resourced countries. SSTAR participated in the Orientation Training meeting in Cairo, Egypt in September 2006.

Phase Two of the Treatnet Program will focus on expanding the global network of treatment providers, disseminating best practices and developing “twinning” opportunities between organizations. This means that SSTAR might have the ability to work more collaboratively and in depth both onsite at SSTAR and in other countries with agencies that have similar commitments to expand quality and types of services offered.